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 Moderator Application Format & Requirements *OPENED*

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PostSubject: Moderator Application Format & Requirements *OPENED* Mon Jan 03, 2011 6:03 pm

Moderator Application Format & Requirements

This are all the requirements you need to have before applying for admin.

☻ At Least 40 forum posts
☻ You must respect the players/Admins and the server
☻ Know properly English.
☻ Must know how to connect threw our IRC channel.
☻ Using the Requirements in your application.
☻ Played at Our server for at least 2 weeks
☻ Read The 'Moderator Application Format & Requirements' Thread & Write The Right 'Safety Code'!

You Need To Use The Format. Or You Will Be Auto-Denied

Languages Spoken:
Time Zone:
How Long Time Have You Been Playing At ReW:
Why Would You Like To Become Moderator:
Why Should We Make You Moderator:
More About Yourself:
Safety Code:

Here You Can Find Help About How You Should Answer The Questions:

UserName: [Write The Username You Use In ReW]
Contacts: [Show Ways To Contact You (Msn etc.)]
Age: [Write Your Real Age]
Country: [Write The Country You Are Living In]
Language Spoken: [list All The Languages You Are Able To Speak Fluently]
[color]purple]Time Zone:
[The Time Zone You Live In. You Can Find Help Here!]
How Long Time Have You Been Playing At ReW: [Explain How Long Time You Have Been Playing At ReW]
Why Should We Make You Trial Administrator: [Explain The Things That Makes You Unique & Why We Should Accept You Instead Of Another Applicant]
More About Yourself: [Explain Why You Want The Job As Moderator (Atleast 5 Lines!)]
Safety Code: [To Ensure You Have Read The Requirements & Format Thread You Will Have To Write The Code (You Can Find It In This Thread!)]

- The Requirements And Format May Be Changed At Any Time Without Warnings!
- The Safety Code Is "IfIWriteThisIGetABiggerChanceToGetAccepted ". This Code Might Get Changed Without Warning!
- All Administration Members (Level 2-5) Are Allowed To Reply In An Admin Application. But Only Admins Level 3 & Above Are Allowed To Vote In An Admin Application.
- If Your Application Has Been Denied, You Have To Wait Atleast 2 Weeks To Re-Apply! (Please Note Some People Might Not Be Allowed To Re-Apply For Even Longer Period)
- Asking An Administration Member To Watch Your Application, Only Lower Your Chances Of Becoming Moderator!
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Moderator Application Format & Requirements *OPENED*

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